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Shengmilo MX Series Introduction

Shengmilo MX tends to be one of the most prosperous e-bike manufacturers in 2021. 

There is no doubt! Shengmilo knows what it’s doing. First, important information is that Shengmilo is the original manufacturer, which also offers to rebrand for other bike companies. What that means is that you can find exact same models of e-bikes under other brands. For a noticeably higher price that is, as Shengmilo (real factory brand) always tends to be the cheapest.

What makes Shengmilo MX ebikes special?

There are no other manufacturers like Shengmilo. They simply combined long-lasting batteries, powerful brushless motors (usually 500 or 1000W), fat tires, Shimano shifters, big bright screens in each e-bike model and produce them cheaply while sustaining high-quality standards. This is where Shengmilo shines. When it comes to all-terrain fat powerful e-bikes, Shengmilo swipes with all of the competitors

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