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GTWO G2 Pro Video Introduction

GTWO™ G2 Pro

GTWO™ G2 Pro recently gain its popularity as many of the world’s most successful brands decided to work with Gtwo (also called Guangta) manufacturer. Gtwo produces nothing but the world’s best quality ebikes in a really attractive design. Not so long ago, the famous car brand Jeep decided to work with Gtwo and trusted them to produce some of their top sellers Like the Jeep MHR 7000 that is actually the exact copy of Gtwo G2 PRO.

1. Premium Production Quality of Gtwo G2 Pro

GTWO™ ebikes are known for their Exceptional eBike Quality!  The factory always keeps our production facility lines under strong supervision. Regular quality inspections ensure the best results in the production process. Thanks to a motivated engineering team, GTWO has developed one of the most attractive ebikes on the market, by specifications and visually attractiveness. Gtwo factory is trusted by many luxury brands, to produce their top of the notch quality products. Factory own brand GTWO™ offers the same high quality standards, but for half the price

2. Beautiful and Atractive Ebike Design

Believe it or not, Gtwo actually had problems promoting its photos as the battery is so perfectly hidden in the bike frame, that many cyclists did not believe it is actually an electric bicycle. But as it turned out, it is one of the most perfectly designed electric bicycles so far. All parts of the ebike are top-notch quality, designed to perfection. The frame, the mag wheels together with the nice coloring make the bike as beautiful as a bike can be.

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